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Our consultants have experience in all aspects of business and can help you connect the dots to establish, amend, or grow your performance. Whether you are looking for a 'whole business' approach, or you need help in a specific area, we can help. 

Effective Leadership

Finding and Nurturing Effective Leaders

Effective leadership is vital to the ongoing success of any organisation. We are all looking for people in our leadership roles. People who can build teams that enjoy their work, deliver the outcomes needed and are willing to stretch when required, to get the job finished on time, to the standard our clients expect.

The leadership capabilities required to make this all happen can be developed in those willing to take realistic stock of where they are and make the changes needed to acquire these capabilities.

The Full Range Leadership Model

A Framework for Leadership Transformation

The Model

The Full Range Leadership Model (FRLM) (Bass and Avolio) provides a very robust framework for this transformation journey. It provides a sound and practical toolkit for leadership development and is supported by a very extensive evidence base. The broad body of evidence that underpins the FRLM and spans more than 15 years, gives you the assurance this is not a fad that will simply be replaced by the next trendy idea in a short time frame. The FRLM is supported by a very strong body of international research and is in use in business and government departments and agencies across the globe.

Our solution

Our team consists of accredited providers of services utilising the FRLM. We are accredited to provide a broad range of leadership development and coaching services. We can help you support your leadership team with personalised, evidence based, practical and effective development programs.