Excellent corporate governance is the key to sustainable, profitable business. Corporate Governance needs to address the…


Effective leadership is vital to the ongoing success of any organisation. We are all looking for people in our leadership roles.


Strategy is creating a vision of the future and managing toward that expectancy. It’s an effective process for aligning short-term…

Flexible Business Learning Consulting Services (FBLConsulting) – Assisting Your Business Journey to Excellence

Our goal is to assist you to build capability by providing practical solutions to your challenges. We will provide these outcomes with respect for you and your stakeholders, building an environment of trust and utilising integrity in all we do.

Business Propel Professionals

FBLConsulting is a member of the Business Propel Professional network. We can assist you to build stability, innovate for success and grow for sustainability.

High Growth SME Pilot Survey

Sustainable High Growth SMEs (often known as “Gazelles”) have growth rates of ≥ 20%pa. Are you in a position to grow your business?

Pathways to Success

We work with smart businesses to help them find their pathways to success. Are you ready to take your organisation to the next level?


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